How to dress for an interview

Let's start with the premise that interviewing is fun. It really is – you are creating your best “you” and taking it to meet other people.

Have you ever packed for a solo trip to another city? You pack your favorite “you”, your ideal version of yourself (or even a fantasy self) – you browse through your favorite clothes, or shop for new, you choose ones that you know will look great on you. You are creating an image, you have no history and no future – all that exists is the “now”.

  "You are creating your best you"


Going to an interview is the same. You take your sharpest mind and your sleekest look and wrap them with the ribbon of self-confidence.


No matter what the position you are applying for, it's a no-brainer that you want to look professional, crisp and confident. Any other website is going to tell you how to don a dark suit and a white shirt. But more than that you want to look interesting. While you need to fit in, you really want to stand out as someone ready to attack any problem head-on – so you want to incorporate your own style into your interview outfit and show a little of your personality in your dress.

Know your body type and dress accordingly.

A sleek, well-fitting suit is a go-to solution, but maybe an office-chic dress with a coordinating jacket or a long-sleeved classic shirt with a well cut skirt. What looks best on you will be determined by your body type. We don't need to tell you that your shoulders should always be covered, you should not be showing cleavage or any thigh above the knee. Dignity is key, but the super-fun part is that you are going to enjoy dressing up.

Look like you

Dressing the part, is dressing as “you in the part”. Take time to savor the process of getting dressed in the morning, choose the right bag and shoes, the earring and necklace. What can you include that gives a hint of your unique style? You are not imitating someone else, you are bringing out the best “you” so don't hide beneath your interview costume.

The people who are sitting across the desk, throwing questions at you, are hoping that you will be the right person for the job. It's a game. A high stakes game, but undoubtedly one that you want to win.

Interviewing is the sales job of a lifetime.

Get dressed. Work Hard. Have fun.

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