What To Wear To... A Pitch Meeting

As an entrepreneur you are, at some point, going to come face to face with an investor or a client, you are going to pitch your business and you need to be able to look professional, polished but modern and stylish – just like your business model – streamlined, modern and efficient.

Huge amounts of money can change hands and you need to look as if you are as professional and responsible as your awesome pitch presentation.

So what to wear?

We asked, Brigit, Kalena and Eleni and from PR agency Antenna (antennagroup.com) for some expert guidance on what to wear and when.

“As a PR company we are constantly pitching,” says Senior Account Executive Brigit, “we mainly represent tech, energy and life sciences companies, so we find ourselves in front of clients that range from very traditional to very relaxed. You need to do your research and find out who you are pitching to and how they dress. If we are meeting a client in the financial sector, we have to dress appropriately in a blazer, heels, skirt and very polished hair. But this can be a turn off in a different sector, for example if we are at a tech meeting then the look is going to be much more relaxed.”

“My go-to look is a pencil skirt and one statement piece that pops, but does not distract” adds Kalena Gravina, “with a well-fitting, chic pencil skirt you can fit into almost any meeting. You can dress it up or dress it down as the occasion demands and you will always look professional.”

“Read the situation,” says Eleni Polychroniadou.

If you are meeting at an investor's venture fund office with partners or to make a presentation, you will want to be dressed in a way that at least meets the dress code of their office. You want to look like a professional who will responsibly spend the millions that are on the table, and will be able to increase the investment in spades.

But if you are having a casual coffee around the corner then you can afford to be a little more relaxed, but still professional.

They all agree that you want to have a flexible wardrobe – a handful of key looks that you can make work for the clients that you are meeting. It makes a difference whether you wear a straight or a flowing skirt. A woman just has to be more conscious about how she looks, “I changed between events once,” says Brigit, “I realized I was the only woman and felt out of place in a skirt. My go-to tech pieces are chic skinny black jeans, a nice shirt and a pair of stylish flats.”

What is their best advice for a business woman pitching to clients or investors?

“Make sure if you are the youngest person in the room, you don't dress as if you are the youngest person in the room” says Kalena.

“And be certain that your words are the most important thing that people are going to remember.” adds Brigit. “Dress to show that you are a talented professional who has earned her position at the podium”

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We live in a brilliant era of entrepreneurial development, as an increasing number of women are breaking with convention, quitting the corporate world and driving change in the free market.

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